employment law rights can be incurred from day 1 of employment

the number of age discrimination claims has risen by 32%

training your managers on diversity provides you with a legal argument

protection is afforded to casual agency, or even some freelance workers as well as employees

a strictly adhered to policy may provide you with legal protection

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how we work

Ayers Newmark provides a high standard of service to all clients.  Advice can be by telephone, email, letter and or meetings in accordance with your needs for a particular matter or case.  We text to and from clients to alert them of urgent advice needed or received. 

Our document management system allows for efficient and fast recovery or previous advice to provide continuity. 

We bill for work done based on how long it has taken to do.  As we do not have targets we are not aiming for the work to take a certain length of time.  You are charged for the time needed.  Additionally, we each have a billable rate and allocate the right rate to the right matter.  We bill monthly so you can keep track of how much is being spent.  In accordance with Law Society rules we provide an estimate for work and based on our experience of other cases handled we are able to work within those estimates given.  We respond to you on the same day as you contact us. 

We send email alerts on statutory changes and relevant case law.  The email alerts are tailored for your business or position.  If the case requires a change to your handbook, we tell you and give you the change needed.

Ayers Newmark has expertise in many sectors.  The specific work we do includes:

  • Unfair dismissal
  • Collective employment rights
  • Discrimination
  • Data Protection issues
  • Contracts (including restrictive covenants) Handbooks
  • Company HR policies
  • Handling grievances and disciplinaries
  • Rights for parents
  • Settlement Agreements and negotiations
  • Other linked employment rights

We advise on day to day issues that arise under the topics listed above as well as conducting cases in the Employment Tribunal and High Court on behalf of the employer or employee from the initiation of a claim through to the advocacy at the hearing.  We have represented clients at the Employment Appeal Tribunal and Court of Appeal.